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Emerald – green fire of life

Emerald - green fire of life

Emerald – green fire of life

When you admire the emerald, the question arises involuntarily: why is this gem so beautiful and how can we explain its unusually pleasant bright green color and radiant shine? And although for more than two centuries it is known that the noble green color of the gem is due to the chromium, still one wants to believe in a different version – the mineral absorbed the lush green of natural beauties. The name “emerald” comes from the Greek smaragdos – “green stone”.
A lot of emeralds are kept in museums in the USA, Germany, Austria, Iran, India and other countries of the world.
This gem gives the owner mental balance and creative inspiration, especially in literature. It is able to relieve stress, calm, improve the work of the heart and intestines.
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