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Charming voice of violin

Charming voice of violin

Charming voice of violin

The violin is one of the most refined musical instruments, with a charming timbre very much like a human voice. At the same time, it is very expressive and virtuosic. It is no coincidence that the role of the queen of the orchestra is given to the violin.
The magnificent variety of the sound of the violin surprises listeners for more than 5 centuries in a row, penetrating into the soul and the most secret corners of consciousness. It can improve your mood, instill optimism or make you suffer. It’s not for nothing that the violin was called the instrument of angels or the devil.
The sound of the violin is similar to the human voice, so the verbs sings and cries are often used. It can cause tears of joy and sadness. There is a belief that the sounds of a violin stop time and take listeners to another dimension.
Juicy, penetrating, graceful and assertive at the same time, the sound of a violin is the basis of any work where at least one of this instrument is used.
The timbre of the sound is determined by the quality of the instrument, the skill of the performer and the choice of strings.

Interesting facts
– Athira Krishna from India played the violin for 32 hours during the festival in 2003. Her record is in the Guinness Book of World Records.
– Playing the violin burns about 170 calories per hour.
– In January, 2007 there was an experiment in the USA. One of the brightest violinists Joshua Bell went to subway and played the Stradivarius violin for 45 minutes as a street musician. To tell the truth, the passers-by were not interested in the bright violinist. Only seven of the thousands of people paid attention to the famous musician and 20 more people left money. In total Bell earned 32 $. Usually Joshua Bell’s concerts are sold out at an average ticket price of $ 100.
– The largest ensemble of young violinists gathered together at the stadium in Changhua (Taiwan) in 2011 and consisted of 4,645 schoolchildren aged 7-15 years.
– Until 1750, strings for violins were made from sheep’s guts. The method was first offered by the Italians.
– The first work for violin was created in late 1620 by Italian composer Biagio Marini. It was called “Romanesca per violino solo e basso”.
– In the world there are masters who make violins of stone.

– The violin stimulates the brain. This fact was repeatedly confirmed by well-known scientists who knew how to play the violin. So, for example, Albert Einstein played this instrument virtuously. Even the famous Sherlock Holmes always used its sounds when he was thinking over a complex problem.
– The most valuable in monetary terms are the violins of Guarneri and Stradivari. The highest price was paid for Guarneri’s violin in 2010. It was sold at an auction in Chicago for $ 18,000,000. The most expensive Stradivarius violin is Lady Blunt, which was sold for almost 16 million dollars in 2011.
– The biggest violin in the world was created in Germany. Its length is 4.2 meters and width is 1.4 meters. You know, it is played by three people.
– Vanessa-Mae is recognized as the youngest violinist who recorded the violin concerts of Tchaikovsky and Beethoven at the age of 13. Wonderful girl debuted with the London Philharmonic Orchestra at the age of 10 in 1989. At the age of 11 she became the youngest student at the Royal College of Music.
– Episode from the Rimsky-Korsakov’s opera Flight of the Bumblebee is technically complex and is played at high speed. The violinists of the whole world organize competitions for the speed performance of this work. So in 2007, David Garrett became a record holder performing it for 1 minute and 6.56 seconds.
– By the way, viola and violin are completely different instruments. Mostly peasants, strolling artists, minstrels played the violin, and noble people played the viola.

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