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We run through life so fast, without noticing anything around us. But we have something to learn from children with their childish spontaneity. They are interested in everything. After all, we talk about how beautifully the birds sing, not listening to their singing. We speak beautifully about the greatness of nature, without noticing it.
Everyone has problems at work, in the family. The cause of bad mood can be even bad weather. But we choose, concentrate on the bad or focus on the good.
Contemplation of nature is a kind of relaxation for the human body. Look around you. How beautiful trees are at any time of the year. They are dressed in green outfits, then autumn will decorate them with its colors, and winter will cover with white lace. And the sounds of nature. The noise of the ocean draws us into distant voyages, the rustle of leaves whispers to us amazing stories, the sound of rain makes us feel sad. A clear moonlight night with millions of stars strewn across the sky gives us a sense of romance. Enjoying the sunset and dawn, the sun and the moon, we immerse ourselves in nature with all our subconscious and feel the freedom of mental space!
The ability to see beauty makes a person richer and more harmonious.
Beauty is the whole world. It can be in man and in animals, in painting and music, in nature and in outer space. We can say that the whole life of man is based on beauty. However, someone simply ignores it.
We also should not forget about our history. After all, our life has not begun today. And everything that happens in our life – everything remains in memory. Memory is an integral part of our life, our past, which allows us to live in the present and think about the future.
Learn to see the beauty around you, and you will become a little kinder, happier and the world will become better and more colorful!

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