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Pearl – gemstone of Moon

Pearl - gemstone of Moon

Pearl – gemstone of Moon

Pearls have been known to man since ancient times. There are many legends explaining the origin of pearls. The nature of the pearl was unknown for a long time. Legends and various stories about pearls can be divided into two groups: some colorfully explain the origin of pearls, and others narrate about its unusual properties. The ancient Greeks believed they were frozen drops of dew. Pliny claimed that the pearls were daughters of mollusks and the moonlight.
Pearls also appear in myths. The ancient Greeks considered it a gemstone of Aphrodite, “born from the foam of the sea”. For the inhabitants of ancient Rome, it personified Venus and was a symbol of love.

For a long time, pearls were called tears of angels, fallen into the sea and collected at the bottom by sea oysters.
Pearls are produced by the soft tissue of a mollusk. A pearl is composed of calcium carbonate.
The ideal pearl has a white color and a silky shine. However, its color can be pink, yellow, gray and even black, depending on the mollusk that gave birth to the pearl.
There are also several types of freshwater mollusks, which give the so-called “river pearls”. It is smaller in size than the sea one, and has an elongated shape resembling rice.
Pearl has always been a powerful talisman. It is considered a gemstone of love and fertility.
The size of the pearls varies from a pin head to a quail egg. The largest pearls are La Peregrina, Regent with a mass of 30 and 85 carats, as well as the Pearl of Allah, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Its weight is 6,035 kg. This unique pearl was found in 1934 in the South China Sea off the island of Palawan under tragic circumstances. One of the pearl hunters dived to a depth of ten meters, but did not swim to the surface in time. He was found dead at the bottom, with a hand clamped by the flaps of a huge Tridacna. To everyone’s surprise, in the middle of the Tridacna there was a gigantic pearl.
In some places of our planet, especially in Japan, the cultivation of pearls has turned into a real industry.
“Pearls are always right,” said Coco Chanel, and made pearls the most democratic decoration. She was the first to approve a combination of white pearls with a black sweater, a dark elegant jacket, a small black dress.
Pearl oxide helps people with cough, asthmatic attacks, tuberculosis, increased acidity of the stomach, dysfunction of the gallbladder. Some Vedic texts indicate the property of oxide to give strength and prolong life. Pearl powder has a diuretic effect and is considered an excellent remedy for disorders of the urinary tract. In addition, it is used for insomnia, bad smell from the mouth and burning in the stomach. Powder helps relieve tension and stress, overcome anger and irritation. It also helps to get rid of alcohol and drug addiction.
Pearl is a powerful symbol of light, purity, and femininity.
It protects from evil and fires, is an amulet from troubles and misfortunes, protects from deceptions and unfaithful friends. Contemplation of pearls brings peace, heals insomnia.
In the history of mankind, there is no period when pearls would lose their value. Probably the reason for this is its wonderful origin and amazing appearance, the tears of angels, the frozen light of the moon and other eternal miracles of this world.

Pearl – gemstone of Moon

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